You can tell when a casino bonus is a “fixed” bonus because the casino’s terms and conditions will state that it is “for gambling purposes only”. While many online players don’t realize this, a fixed bonus can be just as valuable to an experienced player as a traditional non-fixed bonus of the same amount, even if the actual fixed bonus cannot be withdrawn. But you have to play the fixed bonus differently than the regular bonus at to extract its value.

First, let’s say you have the same terms and conditions as the non-sticky example already described. The only difference is that instead of collecting once the wagering requirement has been met, this bonus is for wagering purposes only. When fixed bonuses first appeared in online casinos about 8 years ago, many players considered them useless. Since you expect to lose in the game due to the advantage of the built-in casino, and since you cannot withdraw the bonus from your account, where are the winnings?

The profit comes from the fact that you can play for casino money and keep your winnings.

Here is a simplified example to illustrate this point. Suppose that after meeting the wagering requirements for this bonus game, you are allowed to flip a coin and see heads or tails to get a payout of equal amount of money. So you sit down with your $ 190, fulfilling your wagering requirement. If at this point you don’t withdraw the remaining $ 90 from your deposit, but instead place a $ 190 bet on the coin flip, you will get one of two outcomes.

If you win the flip, you will have $ 380 in your account. If you choose to exit at this stage, you can withdraw $ 380 minus the fixed bonus of $ 100. This means that you can withdraw $ 280 to receive profit of $ 180 on your deposit of $ 100. If you lose, your account will be zero, but everything you lose is the $ 100 you originally deposited. Since you will win 50% of the time and lose 50% of the time on the coin flip, you will win $ 180 half the time and lose $ 100 half the time.


Therefore, the key to success is discipline. It is difficult, but necessary. It doesn’t matter if you play at online casino sites or not, it doesn’t matter. When you think about the system, limit the amount of time you play and the amount you can lose. They are good things. Also, at the same time, it allows you to earn as much as possible on your time limit at kiss918 and get away with money in your pocket if you have not lost your limit. It all adds up, and your funds should grow too. Remember, discipline is the key to a fund management system.