Game is the best way to relax oneself. During this pandemic when outdoor game is not out of the way, the best way to relax oneself is the online game .one such online game which try to overcome boredom is Fan-Tan or fantan. The third and fourth centuries marks the beginning of Fan-Tan. G club Fan Tan is game which is played on board by placing small objects which are handful and the remaining counts are guessed, which are divided by four. In the gclub fan – tan Once the bets are placed the dealer or croupier removed objects from the board until only one, two , three or four bets remain to decide the winner .

Betting in Fan- tan

The betting system in Gclub fantan is by the odds which are fixed in the betting system where the betters are paid accordingly as per the true odds of the success. In the Gclub fantan the money pool will be used for paying of the bets so that the amounts will be wagered to all the positions in the total house commission which is in the ratio of five percentage to twenty-five percentage it is also depended on the time and place of the bet has taken place. In the gclub fan tan game the prizes are paid out from the wagers and the game is purely based on the inexpensive relativity which is operational.

The potential bets :

  • Gclub Fan tan has wager on single position to win
  • The game in gclub fan tan has wager in three positions one of which is decided to win if the better has choose the other two positions the better will be end up losing in which it is considered the bettor to be pushed and money is returned rightly
  • In the Gclub fantan kwok is the name for other two position which is two options of primary bet and if it is selected the bettor wins
  • Nim is the other two positions which is of one primary bet and one secondary bet in two different positions which are selected to in the push in the gclub fan tan

The Game set up

The Gclub fan tan has square marked in the center of the an ordinary table and piece of metal is placed in the sides with markers as number one two three and four in anti-clockwise direction and sides are marked  zero to three with zero to four as taking places .