Everyone in recent days are playing casino games on the internet. As the mobiles and the internet is accessible to everyone the online casino games became more popular in these days. Playing online Casino games make you earn money along with the fun you get through it. For playing online Casino games you need to choose the w88 best online Casino site. Choosing the best online Casino site is not easy. You can take guidance from your friends in your circle who are into Casino and gained good returns. There are huge number of Casino games available on each site. The Casino sites are developing unique games with different themes for attracting the players to choose their side for playing online Casino games. You can place bet and earn good amount of money if you are playing in a correct way. Among the different types of games available in the casino sites the most popular game is the poker games. The poker games are more popular compared to other games as most of you know the card games before playing Casino. There are huge variants of games in the card games like play pokdeng. This game is most commonly played for the fun when you are with your friends.

More information about the game:

  • The main aim of the game is to have the hand that can win over the dealer’s digit. The player also have to count the flushes, three of a kind, pairs in their game. The gameplay is very unique and can be played by any number of players ranging from two to seventeen. This number included with the dealer who guides the game.
  • The first step in this game is to spot the bet. When everyone completed spotting their bets in the game, then the gambler starts the game. The dealer starts game by shuffling the cards. He distributes to cards for every player in their game.
  • The players in the game can select to stand in the game or can draw another card. Later, the dealer starts to compare the cards present with the players with each other. There is also possibility of drawing an additional card to the players before the dealer compares the cards with the other players. The ideal number of players for this game is between three and nine.


Hope you are clear with the basic rules of this game.