People are very active when it comes to playing lottery. They look out for various means where they can pool money in order to play lottery. If the lottery tickets are very expensive, a group of people will pool in their money to play the lottery. There are many other methods devised to play these lotteries in the hope of winning big. These lottery resultswere made legal in US because of the revenue it generated and the profits which were made were used in the welfare of the society. This lottery money would go to fund the education of many poor children and for people who could not sponsor their higher education.

Lotto is played amongst all the classes of the society but its presence is more eminent in the lower classes. People play lot of วิธี แทง หวย which are organized by state and sometimes with the private organizations as well in the hope of winning big money via lottery results which will change their lives forever. They even spend their daily wages to buy the lottery tickets and later are poverty-stricken more deeply. In order to curb this problem, government is taking severe steps to stop putting up lottery booths in these poor neighborhoods. There are many active lotteries which also benefits the poor than to the wealthy. There are lotteries conducted amongst the local society for small prizes like a goat or a cow or any other necessity. These lotteries are actually helping people in many ways and also help in improving their financial status to some extent. These lotteries are not held on grand scale so the interference of state is not there. In such small lotteries, even the wealthy do not invest and thus making these lotteries actually an honest attempt by the poor class to salvage their lives.

Lotto playing has also faced discrimination in US. The white household was given preferences compared to the black ones. The หวยสัญจร .พะเยา would be fixed by the officials who have been bribed earlier and they will also eventually share the prize amount. These kinds of scams are very common in the lottery and it also destroys people’s trust in such systems. People who have learnt their lessons do not invest in such kind of lotteries. Even if they play, they play with the lotteries conducted by the state which till date maintains its authenticity and honestly held the drawings and reward the winner with whatever amount of money was stated earlier.