Often poker players believe it gives them a free pass to do what they want and basically behave like a jackass while they are seated behind a computer screen. That is not the case, and any poker player should be informed of a variety of factors before they can sit down at an online poker table. Here are a few guidelines for online poker etiquette:

  • Do not knock on the bottle. Never berate a mediocre player for a bad match. The last thing you would like to do is to teach a lousy poker player what they are doing. Seriously, if you got drained out by a mediocre player and it made you furious, bite the bullet, and do not behave against him like an asshole. Shouting at him and calling him an asshole to bring all his money in on a bad draw will not get you back your money and could potentially help him start playing better. For nothing else it will not make the play area really enjoyable and pleasant, you want to keep the fish having fun and enjoying for as long as possible. Do not be disrespectful to the weak players, please!
  • Do not think about a game you are not in on poker. Do not ever think about the position of another poker player, or offer suggestions to another player on a play on which they are. When you have got the nuts, and you go all – in, so a fishy player needs to consider whether to call or fold, how would you prefer it if another player at the table was asking the fish to fold because you got the nuts or the like? Many players have seen this happen on many occasions, so it is obviously immoral and should not occur anywhere.

  • Do not misinterpret this to affect a judgment by using table talk. If you are all-in and you have to determine whether to call or fold another player, you should speak to them to try to sway their decision. This is called scaling, which is appropriate at 100 percent. The distinction between the two situations is someone else butting in and offering weak player guidance on a hand in an effort to get the response he needs (a fold), so the poor player does not go bust.
  • Do not be rude in conversation, or using profanities. This continues in the same vein of guidelines as not shaking the bottle. It is not appropriate for someone to be berating or disrespectful to another player. You can annoy someone so they can want to leave the table or avoid playing altogether. You may also click on tilt or get mad or offended. Only seek not to be disrespectful in the conversation or using profanities.
  • Do not offer a glimpse of the hand you folded. Imagine that you lift pre-flop with Ace 5 on the button, and then everybody takes you up again. Another player calls, and you make up your mind to fold. If the flop falls down with Ace 5 5 or anything close showing you what a good hand should have been, do not think about your side in the chat in any conditions. You should only think about the hook until the hand is through. Doing this will change the way the game works out, which is utterly disrespectful to the players already in the position.
  • Keep on with the operation. Please, do not take too long to act particularly on simple pre-flop acts when necessary. Yeah, take your time on crucial decisions on post-flop, but do not wait too long to make essential decisions. Slowing down the game is terrible for anyone involved, and a game that is too slow can frustrate a losing player and cause them to quit the table.
  • Do not put the adversary down. Slowing is poor behavior, indeed. Whenever you think it is apparent that you have the better side and will be calling your opponents to bet, do so as soon as you make your choice. In certain situations, I think slowing may also be justified. Slow rolling can be unavoidable and funny, for example, whether you are playing a douchebag that is being rude in the conversation. But please do not do it to unknown men!


 Abiding the proper behavior when playing online poker is very essential to make you last on your seat. It is vital to uphold the etiquettes stated above when you are trying to achieve something or going towards the victory line. Aside from these etiquettes, it is also crucial that you remind yourself that you should only play at online poker sites that motivate the best of you, such as Gaple Online.