Poker is one of the most popular card games. Of course, online casinos were not going to let it go and today there are many casinos that offer it, as well as specialized poker rooms where you can enjoy this classic.

It is a card game that everyone likes: men and women, young and old; Poker is a game that has something for everyone. Online casinos also offer the possibility that both small bettors and casino jackpots can have a good time since bets range from a few cents – or even free if you take advantage of an offer – and thousands of Euros. Online poker has around one hundred million followers in the whole world, and its number does not stop growing, do you want to know why? We tell you!

A brief history of online poker

While the game  itself has a couple of centuries of history, its online version is much more recent, although it may be a little less than you think. It all began in the time of the IRC – a text-based real-time communication protocol that was very fashionable during the 1990s and especially in the first half of the 2000s. Through this technology, many users started playing online poker, although still without real money.

At the peak of poker taruhan bola online in IRC, in 1998, the first poker room on the Internet where you could bet real money: Planet Poker. From there, he began his ascension without looking back. New rooms began to open, such as Paradise Poker or, a little later, Party Poker

.The reputation of the company

Not all companies are equally reliable, so you should look for a poker room that offers transparency, that cares for your data and that offers totally secure banking methods. You can find out about these factors in reviews available on the Internet, in specialized forums or on our website. Another important point is the customer service, which should offer different contact options – those sites that only offer a contact form are not recommended – a telephone number with a local rate and attention in the player’s language.

Game options

The different rooms that exist offer different game options. Pay attention to the number of players in each table, whether or not the option of playing with a live dealer, or the different variants of the game available, etc. is offered. You should also consider the quality of the poker site software, since, once again, not all are the same. Again, we recommend that you read reviews about the different sites available for Spanish players to inform you about the quality of these.