Poker games and casinos are considered money spinning centers by many people. Most of us consider card games as an option to earn some money while having fun. But is it only money that lures thousands of people towards the situs poker online games? There is lot of things to understand to get this clear. We can point out a poker player and classify them based on why they play poker easily if we know the psychology behind the attraction of players towards the game.

Types Of Poker Players

A major section of players of about 60-70% play poker only for pure fun. They do not invest more money, do not make more bets and usually play limited stake games and games like slot machines, blackjack. Most of them lose their games and are not bothered because they play for the exciting experience from game. Another group of players about 10-15% add some ego and willingness to win to the fun part of the game. These players try to learn the game and put in more hard work to make a win.

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There are another 5% players who are ready to spend some extra money in order to increase their chances of winning. They care about winning and start playing at different games and get into strategies, learn from discussion forums and keep a very proper record of their games and wins. Besides these categories are the semi-pro and pro poker players who are extremely keen on winning and are determined to go to any lengths for the same. Most of these players play almost 100% for the sake of money and they are ready to put in their source of income to multiply using game winnings.

Sportsmanship In Poker Game

Pokers are widely believed to sharpen the intellect of a player, offer satisfaction to soul; boosts the spirit and also in sidelines fill the pocket. They offer a thrill that is more or less similar to the one experienced in a competitive sport such as soccer or cricket. Poker games are also considered a form of socializing. Playing poker improves the ability of a person to take winning and losing as a part of the game and can help them heal from the stress or loss suffered in their everyday life. Whatever be the reason for a person to engage in online poker games, it is true that they gain a lot more than simple money from the poker experience.