Online super jackpot is one of the biggest bonuses orprizes offered for a particular lucky winner in betting. It is also commonlyknown as JP poker online that with just 100rp, you can become a lucky winner ofover 10,000,000 RP. Besides jackpot prize, online JP jokers also provide moreprize feature for the constant betting members. It comprises the followingaffordable jackpot deposits: 100rp, 500rp, 1000, and lastly, 2000rp for only


JP poker Multi jackpot system 

A comprehensive circumstance is whereby a Texas Poker card consists of seven cards combined with 3 cards in one pair. For example, two and 10. A condition 4 card is whereby the middle card with 7 cards a values of 5 with the combination 4 cards with the same amount and one card. For example, you can achieve 1 and 3 cards. 


Direct Flush card 

A direct or straight flush is a situation whereby your card with the middle one and a total of 7 cards can get five card values with combination series. For instance, a straight flower goes as follows: 5, 5, and 7, respectively. The heart is the same example.


Royal-Flush-Card refers to a condition where your card with the middle one and a total of 7 can offer a total of 5 cards combination series. A straight flower is a good example. This card should start at 10. For example, 10, queen, king, and aces of the same flowers.


Super-Royal-Flush refers to a circumstance whereby a card in JP poker online game of 2 cards and 3 cards table. For example, some of the 10 cars, Queen Flower and the first 3 cards on a table is a jack, aces, and king with a similar flower.

Play with JP poker system rules 

You should never share your assign ID with anyone for login in and a play. One ID is typically assigned for one individual. Also, it is not permitted to transfer chip from a player to the other. In case a player violates any of the above rules, then a chip can be withdrawn, frozen, or even canceled, and the ID permanently blocked.


They also allow fraud deposit, but if it exceeds 3x, your ID won’t confirm the 1x 24 deposit. Therefore, please pay attention to the destination account available at the deposit menu. But if the account is invisible at the deposit menu, you should never transfer the funds in the account.